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14-Jun-2017 13:33

However once logged in as Guest I took me back to Guest desktop. I then added a test user and gave them sudo rights.

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Broadcom Drivers and Nvidia Drivers I removed nvidia packages I followed the same procedure for my nvidia drivers seeing as the default video drivers are awful on my card. Thankfully it did not delete my files, but when it produced an error it did manage to change configurations.

Then I looked into dmesg, found BTRFS errors related to the filesystem on the LUKS encrypted home partition (yep, I'm mixing LUKS and BTRFS), tried to actually write to the filesystem and found that it gave me I/O errors.

So I had to repair the filesystem or create a new one and restore from backup. I have been experiencing the very same problem a couple of times every week and have tried most of solutions given here but the only way I can log back in is by restarting lightdm. The funny thing is that even after I restrat lightdm, it does not log in on the first attempt but only on my second attempt even though I am entering the right password.

Personally, I find this to be a very bogus (and annoying) issue. Couldn't ubuntu log in with low resolution driver and tell user that faced a problem with the driver instead of getting looping ?

It is the expected of a really intelligent software... I had the same problem after a clean install of Ubuntu 12.10 (but reusing my existing home partition). But I found the clue to my specific problem in the file .xsession-errors in my home directory.I tried without a separate home partition and was able to log in to the desktop.

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